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Product Description

MF720101  PS,φ12×75mm,Swab with stainless steel applicator,Male,Labeted,EO sterile
MF720301  PP,φ13×155mm,Swab with wooden applicator,Female,Labeted,EO sterile
MF720302  PP tube,13×147mm,blue cap,total length with cap arox.170mm,Applicator:PS stick with Dacron head,with label,EO sterile
Swab with Medium
PP tube,labeled
MF720501A Swab Amies medium,Labeled
MF720501AC Swab Amies medium with charcoal,Labeled
MF720501B Swab Cary-Blair medium,Labeled
MF720501BC Swab Cary-Blair medium with charcoal,Labeled
MF720501S Swab Stuart medium,Labeled
MF720501SC Swab Stuart medium with charcoal,Labeled
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