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Micro Centrifuge Tube (2)
Micro Centrifuge Tube (2)

Product Description

Micro Centrifuge Tubes

PP, Conical bottom with molded graduation, with lid

MF851005N White,Vol.0.5ml

MF851005Y Yellow,Vol.0.5ml

MF851005B Blue,Vol.0.5ml

MF851005R Red,Vol.0.5ml

MF851015N White,Vol.1.5ml

MF851015Y Yellow,Vol.1.5ml

MF851015B Blue,Vol.1.5ml

MF851015R Red,Vol.1.5ml

MF852020N White,Vol.2.0ml

MF852020Y Yellow,Vol.2.0ml

MF852020B Blue,Vol.2.0ml

MF852020R Red,Vol.2.0ml
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